Through american partner Barry Kort and our Israeli partners we are drawn into the message of Hine Ma Tov, the song for the gratitud of togetherness. We share a few versions. The first one is a modern (2020) visual of pandemic online sharing. The second is an old version by no one other than Harry Belfonte (1960)

Many community songs and expression have religious roots. The messages of many religions have been on values such as brother and sisterhood, respect, compassion, care for each other, modisty. We share many of these basic responsibilities in Sustainocracy. We don not attach religious doctrines or memberships to it. Sustainocracy is an awareness driven understanding of living life itsefl in a peaceful, non competitive way. It represents an evolutionary deeping of human engagement with oneself, our common purpose of a care for our follow people in general and our natural surroundings. We respect all historical religious streams, as long as they remain in the sphere of personal beliefs as part of everyone’s basic freedom. The cultural expressions, the messaging of union, care and love, that have brought together so many people in their own moments of happiness, and togetherness, no matter the background, are the pearls, diamonds and precious gold of the spiritual and emotional world.