We have some people with deep knowledge and expertise onboard. One is Heiner Benking who enriches us with his huge baggage of historical background information and connection with important thinkers of today and the past. His focus is on education and the development of global awareness.

It was Heiner who suggested to integrate the 10:37 CET Equinox into our World Happiness Day program of the 20th of March. The increasing amount of light during the day, the colorful outburst of the diversity of life during springtime, the abundance of this phase of cylcic life, gives a feeling of happiness and joy.

Heiner introduces views on city development and Wowology, the WOW factor within city design as decribed by the late Kim Veltman in his documents finalized a few weeks before parting.

But most importantly Heiner introduces the Earthbeat youth engagement movement.