Gambia is a beautiful country along the river Gambia in Africa. It has been a popular destination for tourism for decades already. At the same time it suffers a lot of pollution that spoils the landscape and its image. Africa has been the continent that supplied much of the resources that provided western, Northern Hemisphere countries with their wellness. Instead of fair play the African continent and people have been exploited, divided and used by westerns political and business powers. Corrupt local politicians have been known to personally benefit in this financial abuse. Gradually world awareness grew of the attrocities inflicted on this beautiful continent and movements started to bring justice, equality and fairplay to the populations, respect the authenticity of their cultures, their territories and the right of ownership and self determination over their resources. It is a slow, tedious and conflict driven process due to the many historical interests and hierarchies involved and damages done over time….

It is wellknown that so called “poor” people tend to be happy, engaged and community minded. This contrast is so beautifully shown by the song provided by this group I Jah Woman & The Warriors