13:00 – 15:00 Musical happiness

Art has a huge diversity of expressions. We had started to discuss the transformative processes of our human world organization. One of the intellectually driven participants compared our current society formats as a theatrical drama. This analogy with the theatre was inspiring. We were as a group looking at the positive vibe of co-creation. When all formal players of society ar drama oriented, how can we than play a comedy? A comedy has a totally different mindset, stage scenario, script and play. We understood that a drama cannot be transformed into a comedy. A comedy would have to be started with a totally new play. Just like “Sustainocracy” had started outside the mindset of political economic guidance using core natural human values and cocreation as mindset. Actors from the drama would be welcome to join but would have to adjust to the new mindset.

Zoom for the entire programme on March 20th: https://zoom.us/j/4602515365?pwd=OFRtaEszZTFndWFBQ29RMHZWa2pYUT09 (everyone can participate – Language is English)

The diversity of art presented to us in cocreation within the domain of positiveness, care for each other and our planet, trust in our future though togetherness, became an abundance on its own. It became a challenge to share it all for usage by the different cultures, participants and the audience we reached with our positive invitation to join the vibe. Singing has a multidisciplinary presence due to the text, the melody, the dancing, the tone, the message, the cultural coloring…..

Especially shared with us, directly by the artists themselves:

  • Melody (USA) – One Planet
  • Melody (USA) – Personal happiness message and mantra
  • Ukpeme (Nigeria) – Peace
  • Noud (Netherlands) – The force within us, including personal message to care for each other
  • Carolien – I Jah Woman (Gambia) – Wake up Africa,
  • Carolien – I Jah Woman (Gambia) – African happiness song
  • Carolien – I Jah Woman (Gambia) – Oh Happy day
  • Izmir (Turkey) – Students and Teachers sing
  • Harry (Netherlands) – Tulips from Amsterdam
  • Adiyaman (Turkey) – school children singing
  • more to be added