11 am – 12 am sharing experiences

Back in about october 2020, during the weekly global participatory learning sessions of the School of Talents and Wellness, we came finally to a co-creation proposition. This is not easy since the group consisted of people from many countries. Priorities, personal interests, availability, etc differed. We arrived at the focus on using art (always blessed with absoluted and unlimited freedom) and happiness (a sense of stressless positivity and wellness, not just a joyful moment). This is the result of co-creation in which people of more that 13 countries are involved. Special attention will be paid for the following elements as listed in this blog update.

Zoom for the entire programme on March 20th: https://zoom.us/j/4602515365?pwd=OFRtaEszZTFndWFBQ29RMHZWa2pYUT09 (everyone can participate – Language is English)

Within the co-creation claim that “we all give a bit of ourselves, share it and develop abundance for all” we can list the following “harvest” so far:

  • We already enjoyed (live) the song “One Planet” by Melody, as well the peace play offered to schools and the special mantra offered for our occasion
  • We learned about happiness from our school children in Mexico
  • We experiment with Virtual Reality using the drawings of the Mexican children
  • Posters in many languages were produced by Alexandra in Thailand
  • Aima in Spain had students produce videos about happiness
  • Aima made an MXX logo and desires to develop a professional VR environment for professional and recognized artists
  • A new boost was given to our participatory learning environment with over 30 schools in Turkey together with the BDT Foundation
  • We received musical suggestions about local cultural happiness from Israel, Turkey, Netherlands, USA, and more
  • Bali shared their views on wellness with us through a beautiful video on meditation in nature
  • Gambia produced special music for our event
  • Gambia also shared brother and sisterhood pictures with art with us
  • Greece, Spain, Thailand and other places announced that they try to contribute with drawings or paintings
  • We engaged with the Earthbeat program of Joerg, inviting young people to produce videos.
  • We take joy in the suggestion of Heiner (Germany) to pay special attention to the Equinox (10:37 CET!) as a metaphor for a new beginning
  • We engage with different dates already planned ahead by Youth4Planet, Earth Odyssey, etc to further develop our positive cocreation of human and planetary values
  • Ukpeme from Nigeria also wishes to share her music about peace with us
  • Workshops (s.a. Avatar, WOW, etc) have been made available
  • Happiness driven institutional development and values driven coaching has been made available
  • Educational modules on ethics, compassion, happiness, transition, letting go, etc have been made available for learning environments
  • A WOW World Happiness Bird book publication has been suggested by Alexandra
  • Author Jacqueline PIrtle offers a copy of her book on 365 days of happiness
  • We learn to make pastry from Turkey