10 am till 11 am – Equinox and Earth Day

First block (10 am till 11 am, CET): This block is dedicated first to the equinox and Earth Day. At 10:37 CET (09:37 GMT) the sun will pass it winter to summertime line. This announces the new season of natural abundance through springtime, summer and autumn. For us it symbolizes also the new resonance of the human spirit to take responsibility together, in co-creation, for our sustainable continuity of our species and our symbiotic relationship with our planetary surrounding (Sustainocracy).

In this block we start at 10 am CET and together work towards the 10:37 equinox moment. We listen to One Planet (Melody USA). We will engage with visionary activists of the first hour, Heiner Benking and Franz Nahrada. We will have journalist and filmmaker Joerg Altekruse announce his Earthbeat programma. And at 10:37 we commemorate and celebrate with our global “gong moment“.

At 11:00 we initiate the second half, the one on our experience of co-creating these events together with many countries and cities.

Zoom for the entire programme on March 20th: https://zoom.us/j/4602515365?pwd=OFRtaEszZTFndWFBQ29RMHZWa2pYUT09 (everyone can participate – Language is English)