Past challenges

Here we list the challenges that we conducted in the past and the level of participation we achieved.

March 2021: Can Art & Happiness help to produce a positive vibe across the world?

With the World Happiness Day 2021 as a dot on the horizon we started our challenge. This was the result. Happiness Day 2021 (March 20th, 2021): 3 online events, 15 participating countries, over 35 schools world wide, over 50 art contributions, various live performance online.

  • “Amazing how you could organize a true global cross cultural event during covid and in such a short time” (Parktheater Eindhoven)

April 2021: During the month we tried to see how we could keep up the positive vibe created during March. Of course we continue with happiness as first layer on top of our core human values driven purpose. But what can we do as next layer? Our weekly online meetings became very inspiring, touching all kinds of interesting topics. One topic caught our attention: Media.

May 2021: Theme of the month May: Media

Together with this theme there is another one: Communication. Every medium is different. We may be experts in our life changing messages, we often lack expertise in the use of all kinds of media to reach those people of our wishlist. So we started our learning curse in the field of short videos, live radio, memes, online workshops, etc. The results are promising but we are not there yet.

For June we had difficulties to agree on an appropriate challenge. We looked at Ballads or Limericks to express ourselves in witty messages. At the same time we found it difficult to extend this to our network. If we find it complicated for ourselves, how can we bring it others?

June 2021: Tell or show us

What makes you happy in your surroundings? Do you see positive changes in your own environment (maybe you are the one doing it) that are contributing to our core natural human values, the common good? Please let us know. Choose any medium you like (video, text, meme, interview, photos, etc.).