Education and Happiness

Erasmus+ is a European student exchange program. Stichting BDT in Eindhoven has partnered up with Sustainocracy to provide additional participatory learning content to the students. This on top of the cultural impact of the visits of the students. 90% of these visiting students have a high level of learning motivation, […]

Three open spaces to interact

The world of co-creation is unqiue. The emerging creativity is unpredictable, unprecedented and authentic. It emerges within the open space of freedom, within the context of a purpose. With a dot on the horizon, such as the World Happiness Day on March 20th, 2021, it is impossible to create a […]

Co-creation explained

Co-creation: if we all shared an important goal and everyone invests a little of him or herself, together, then we can achieve and share it. When we refer to our sustainable human progress, our core natural values, we will notice that we can only achieve them through co-creation. We cannot […]