Timezone during equinox 2021

Happiness Day, Equinox and Earth Day come together on March 20th, 2021. We invite the world to participate during the events that we co-created with participants from 13 different countries. Many however have difficulties with the time differences due to time zones. To show you thos differences we have taken […]

Earth Day 2021

51 years ago a movement started to preserve our planet against the threat of our own abusive industries, policies and consumer dynamics or lifestyle. Two videoś sharing the history of Earth Day can be watched here. Many millions of people started to become aware of our planet as a single […]

African Gambia is inspired

We already received one contribution from Gambia which we posted on their own part of this site. It is so inspiring that they are producing more happiness material to share, including personal messages for us. Let us share this joy. Our happiness bird (I Jah Woman & The Warriors) in […]

Leaflets in different languages

All the leaflets are freely to use. Spread the word of our mission: increasing sustainable well-being. Sharing is multiplying well-being. Would you like the leaflet in another language? Translate the leaflet and send your translation to info@sympassion.com. Within 2 working days your translated leaflet will be added to this page […]