Challenge of the month

May 2021 – Media

Media is the carrier for our messages about happiness, cocreation and shared abundance, all with the context of Sustainocracy. But media is a means and we wish to connect to many people in such a way that they get inspired, engage with us and become partners in working together on a better human world.

But media options are many, the techniques to communicate are too, just like the messages we want to share. But above all “how to we capture and retain the interest of our audience”? And is an audience of 4 or 5 bad? Is followers group of many millons of people good? We are not just looking for followers. We are looking for engagement in activities, projects, creation value ……so maybe we are not looking for volume but the connection at heart or purpose level.

So we decided to go and experiment to see how we can make impact. We join talkshows, make videos, experiment with radio, make posts on social media, ect. We invite you to do this also, and share it with us. Or you share best practice with us on things that your do within the core values for instances. Like :

  • the group of young people worldwide looking into food responsibility through talkshows and events
  • the young boy of 6 that dreams to become a YouTube star
  • the sing song writer that shares her art with us
  • the system’s specialist that shows us how complex transformation is of business processes
  • the children that join in a community garden to grow and eat their own food
  • the apple tree project in town
  • the peace lawyer and activists that takes time to make nice meme’s for us for FB and Instagram
  • the avatar master that sets up the worldwide radio programming
  • the people downtown that decide to help each other
  • etc etc etc

When we share, we share happiness!

And we use the media at our disposal to reach out to the world through the World Happiness Bird as a channel.

You wish to participate. Share your happiness or ideas with us.