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Happiness and the SDGs

Happiness and Sustainable development are closely related. Happiness is reached when people can stop worrying. When they can participate directly in (cor)creating their own wellness and share. When they feel purpose, develop awareness and feel openess and freedom to act positively and result driven. The issues raised in the SDG […]

Some theories about happiness

When we look at literature about happiness we find many rational and psychological theories. We can even look at levels of happiness (s.a. Pleasure, Passion and Purpose). Someone even managed to give a value (98% of the world population claims that they are happy). When we look at the popular […]

Education and Happiness

Erasmus+ is a European student exchange program. Stichting BDT in Eindhoven has partnered up with Sustainocracy to provide additional participatory learning content to the students. This on top of the cultural impact of the visits of the students. 90% of these visiting students have a high level of learning motivation, […]