We all share one planet and co-create our happiness and wellness together

If you are motivated, happiness is an inner source of energy

With the arrival of the Earthbeat team for story telling in Eindhoven we had made a program for videotaping people dedicated to climate related innovations in town. We had reserved an entire day to capture the visual and invisual moments of the initiatives that we had in our network. They were from government, social entrepreneurs, […]

Art and a powerful message

Réveillons-nous – Let us wake up. A message of the french youth activiste Camille Etienne with dance by Léa Durand. Enjoy and join our World Happiness Bird to be the change.

The new age interpretation of a line

Last night I had a dream. Lately I dream about mindblowing explanations I do to myself in those dreams. Really nice wake ups follow with interesting revelations to recall. In this particular dream I explained to myself the two interpretations of a line, as a separation or a connection. The line as a separation Or […]

Cheryl Melody Baskin shares a centuries old peace meditation with us

In our discussion about world Peace Cheryl Melody Baskin shares her sunday message about inner peace and connection among each other all over the world. Her message refers to an energetic resonance for peace and wellness that was introduced a few thousand years ago by Buddha himself. Buddha travelled literaly through his personal transformation from […]

What is Peace?

Motivated by the forthcoming online global Peace Concert of Ukepme Okon and Rick Della Ratta we start the dialogue about what Peace really is. Is it the absence of war? Or is a state of inner rest? According to Wikipedia or the Merriam Webster Dictionary the word Peace can have a number of meanings, all […]

Oops is not a climate option

World politics needs drama and opportunity to act, not awareness. Climate is such issue that produces drama but no opportunity for politics until it is too late. This is because politics lacks the instruments for proactive or even preventive leadership. Politics plays the options of neglect, fear and remedial powerplay. It is a world full […]

Positive Health, Sustainocracy and Happiness

The Positive Health methods of Machteld Huber and the IPH research institute form a practical tool for awareness development and engagement with integral health for people and communities. Within our Sustainocratic communities we have been using the tool and insights already for several years. Yesterday we completed the synergie by meeting personally with Machteld and […]

Preannouncing the 2022 Peace concert in Nigeria

Jazz for Peace is an American organization with the goal of promoting unity and peace across cultures through the performance of music. The organization was founded by jazz pianist and vocalist, Rick DellaRatta. Rick DellaRatta, and other entertainers will perform a Live Concert and Worldwide Cybercast Event at the prestigious NAOWA Event Centre in Asokoro, […]


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