We all share one planet and co-create our happiness and wellness together

Health and Drinking water challenge

With the need of at least 2 liters of drinking water per person, per day, drinking water is a core natural human value that we need to take responsibility for. In a finite environment drinking water cannot be taken for granted. Certainly not if we also waste it on many things in our lives and […]

Happiness challenge for June 2021

In May 2021 we tried all kinds of media to extend our message and best practice. We looked at creative ways of communication (adapted ballads, video messages, radio, blogs). What makes you happy in your surroundings? Do you see positive changes in your own environment (maybe you are the one doing it) that are contributing […]

Focused culture change without stress

We in STIR refer to this as our 10-80-10 rule. Simon Simek makes it a little more specific in this short video. In fact, this World Happiness Bird challenge site is focused on those early adaptors that inspire and motivate us all to make a difference. We are the change that makes the rest of […]

What is co-creation?

This is something that needs explanation. We use the world a lot to solve the human issues in the world through Sustainocracy, our awareness driven co-creation society. What better than a cartoon to explain the aspect of “togetherness” for our sustainable wellness?

How many or who?

In our Media challenge of the month the question arises whether it is important to have many followers or to reach out to the right people, even if the latter are just less than five every time. In order to get some sensibility about quantity or quality we refer to the founder of Sustainocracy, Jean-Paul […]


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