We all share one planet and co-create our happiness and wellness together

Theme of the month May: Media

During our weekly zoom session we discussed the “theme of the month” for May 2021. The theme represents our mission to extend the new narrative of cocreation, abundance and values driven engagement. The suggestion was made to make “media” our theme. It shows our concern on how to reach out with our positive invitation? Media […]

Pastorella, a learning space in nature

Our local dutch – turkish partner for participatory learning, the BDT foundation, develops a space in the local countryside of the Netherlands for fun learning by and for children. Unique of the concept is that parents and grand parents, in cocreation with the children themselves, organize their events. In these pictures they are preparing the […]

Peace and no more bullying

One of the biggest and lasting sufferings among young children is their perception of being bullied. Often such experiences pop up at a later stage as a trauma. This indicates a severe underlying failure within the current educational systems. While focused on teaching our youngest generations about rational issues and abilities what misses is the […]

“Mobilizing Generation Zero Hunger”

Originally posted on The Peace Agenda:
I was part of the panel of Youth Leaders at a United Nations General Assembly High-Level Side Event, which occurred on September 26, 2015 at the United Nations Headquarters, New York, U.S.A. Youth Leaders and the United Nations with Kaká The High-Level panel included the President of the Republic…

Share a message of peace with us and the world

April 24th is the International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace (United Nations) In our vision of the human world of peace and shared wellness as a cocreation (Sustainocracy) we present our next challenge: share a message about peace and togetherness with us and the world. Just like you did when we were spreading […]

Raffle in USA of book on 365 days of happiness

Author Jacqueline Pirtle spoke to us during happiness day. She also offered a copy of her book to be raffled. The raffle is unfortunately limited to the USA, where she lives. So to all participants from the USA, here is your chance. Just let us know you participated, or saw the videos. We will enter […]

Sustainocracy website with translate function

Many people expressed their satisfaction with the google translate option integrated in this website. They asked me to produce a landing page for Sustainocracy too, not just the wellknown blog. I understood the interest, not just for those who interact with me. They speak English normally or have someone nearby translating. It is more interesting […]

The boy that wants to be a pilot

There is just one snag. The boy is paralized and can only move one finger. The paralysis occured after a tumor developed in his spine. With his finger he can move his scoot mobile and uses a mobile phone as a mouse. The boy has one big dream: he wants to become a pilot. Despite […]


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