We all share one planet and co-create our happiness and wellness together

The natural wisdom of indigenous leaders

When I refer to Sustainocracy, I refer to the oldest wisdom on Earth, the wisdom of living nature of which we as human beings are a member. We have the capacity of sharing abundance and sustainable progress among all yet behave as selfish parasites. We can change that. We need to change that if we […]

Developing our global for local PEACE community

PEACE is a prime condition for sustainable wellness and social cohesion. That is why we find it important to invite people, business and government institutions to our PEACE driven processes. The coming months we will be organizing online PEACE gatherings with the following intentions: to make people aware of Sustainocracy as a PEACE enabling societal approach  invite […]

If you can’t explain it to a 10 year old….

Maxwell (10) interviews Jean-Paul (63) on Sustainocracy on Sunday December 19th at 19:30 CET live on zoom FB. Maxwell lives in California (USA) together with his mum Kayla and his slightly older brother. Maxwell is 10 years old and very curious. When he heard the word Sustainocracy he wanted to know what it ment. His […]

The impact of positiveness

The Dutch program called “Mindf*ck” deals with human psychology. This experiment powerfully shows the impact of positiveness and negativeness. Since the explanation is done in Dutch we here inform you about what your are going to see: At first positiveness: An inexperienced girl is invited to take shots at a basket. During the entire experiment […]

Peace challenge

On Januari 25th 2022 at 17.00 CET (Amsterdam time) we will open our zoom for an open Peace Dialogue. As usual in our World Happiness Bird community we challenge you to tell us “What Peace means to you?”. You can extend this challenge to your environment, school, community, etc and express your answer(s) through art, […]

4 x Win Index

Originally posted on Sustainocracy, the new democracy:
MDE Index or the Multidimensional Entrepreneurship Index Modern enterprises, or institutions, no matter what their identity is (government, business or science), are becoming increasingly values driven. This means that they justify their existance by the contributions they represent in the societal ecosystem of sustainable human wellness. This is…

Positiveness in corona times

99% of the time we are healthy and feed our health with happiness through social encounters, family life and friendships. Only 1% of the time we get physically ill and heal our system through social distancing, receiving loving care from our dear ones and self care through rest and isolation. In some cases we need […]


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