School of Talents & Wellness

This is not a standard school, such as a building with teachers. It is a practical learning community within the context of co-creating our sustainable wellness as a species on planet Earth. We learn by doing, together.

The school clusters people and institutions around projects that are decided and executed together. These projects have a global objective and are executed locally. It follows the working environment of Sustainocracy, a human values centered democracy based on shared responsibility and co-creation.

Sustainocracy emerged in 2009 within the STIR Foundation, a research initiative to define the ideal society format within the context of the current times of population growth, Sustainable Development Goals and the Anthropocene. Famous values driven communities that have arisen so far in the Netherlands are AiREAS (air quality and regional health), FRE2SH (local food engagement and resilience), COS3i (social innovation and inclusion in Sustainocracy) and this School of Talents and Wellness….