Publications about the introduction of Sustainocracy and our experiences after 13 years of developing this society model based on core human values

Here you can read about our experiences to develop a new society. It was not easy and still isn´t, but Rome was not built in a day either. With patience, determination we progress. When we look back a lot has happened. Enough to take some time to share this with you.

Sustainocracy, the new democracy

In an attempt to write a book about Sustainocracy and our experiences over the years I found it difficult to not fall into the repetition of arguments that have already been covered in other publications. These arguments are however important to understand the context in which Sustainocracy arose as a new mindset and societal approach. On the other hand I understand that there are plenty of people that have already been made acquainted with these details. For them it may be more interesting to see why particular communities were born our of the STIR development and what process they encountered to deploy themselves. Instead of a book I decided to write articles on the different topics that each had their own very special development. When one introduces and overarching mindset, a way of developing shared responsibilities that differ from the mainstream where we come from, one gets in touch with…

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