Can positiveness cure the human world?

In the course of 2016 I decided to initiate the community for social inclusion into our own health and healthy environments. All I encountered was a severely damaged and traumatized society. We seem to have great difficulties to regain our confidence to deal with a set of responsibilities that we have either given away or that were taken away from us by force. Our self domestication has left us with some serious challenges ahead. It is of course crazy that we allow pollution or the destruction of our habitat for financial benefits against our integral health. During the development of COS3i I encountered the human drama but also could show that a turning point is happening. This gives us hope for the future as the people and institutions that experience that turning point get exponentially engaged into a new societal expression. Sustainocracy is such open space where we can find our purpose, meaningfulness and sustainable wellness.

Here you can read about the experiences within COS3i. Can you recognize the observations? How is this in your own environment. Can we establish a local for global COS3i based on positiveness? Leave your comments below to make this happiness bird fly.

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