Our own required actions to extend our own “expiration date” as a species on our wonderful planet.

Happiness is makable by taking our own responsibility for our shared wellness and needs.

Sustainocracy, the new democracy

The first thing we need to do is stop relying on political and financial structures to solve our problems. These structures have been based historically on the use of human and material capital for their own financial and authoritative positioning. Most of the problems that we face in the world are caused by these structures and our own delegation of responsibilities. This does not mean that there are not many people in leadership positions doing their best. They face a type of DNA of these organisations that limit their options. To change this we need to look at ourselves, as human beings, to re-establish our core natural values and shared responsibilities. We can then help restructure the DNA of our institutions to become instrumental to human and planetarian wellness.

Taking responsibility again ourselves in 4 steps:

Here is a list of actions that we can develop ourselves and invite others…

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