Key ingredients for Peace and Progress provided by Sustainocracy

How Sustainocracy helps to develop peace

Sustainocracy, the new democracy

Our current mainstream (we call it “the old society”) structure of society has historically developed around inequality, hierarchies, power positions, competition, institutional self interests, silos etc. This has never been a productive ground for lasting Peace. The word “progress” got many meanings but never related to the sustainable perspectives of humankind. The issue of “growth” has been applied on every aspect of our lives but never the issue of “balance” or “symbiose” as a shared responsibility.

In Sustainocracy we do as a new mindset with great importance. Sustainocracy is based on our core natural human values for sustainable human progress and resilience (balanced wellness) as a living biological species, and our shared responsibility to develop and share those values in cocreation. Here are a few illustrations out of our line of thinking and acting of Sustainocracy that serve as ingredients for lasting Peace and Progress.

Most importantly, it is relatively…

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