The impact of positiveness

The Dutch program called “Mindf*ck” deals with human psychology. This experiment powerfully shows the impact of positiveness and negativeness. Since the explanation is done in Dutch we here inform you about what your are going to see:

At first positiveness: An inexperienced girl is invited to take shots at a basket. During the entire experiment she is cheered by cheerleaders. At first she scores bad averages. Then she is blindfolded for a while and when this is taken off she throws much better averages. The cheering payed off.

What happens in the second part is explained below the video….

The second person is a professional basketball player. His averages are in credible. Every shot is a hit. The problem he faces is the negative attitude (played of course) of the cheerleaders. He is also blindfolded for a while and every time he throws he misses. The cheerleaders make negative sounds. With his blindfold removed he continues his bad streak. The negativeness has affected his performance.

This is what happens in society too. Our mainstream (capitalist) societal format is based on fear, dependence and drama. We are continuously bombarded with negativeness through the media, politics, business expressions, etc. This is mostly done in a very suttle way, sometimes extremely blundly. This does not mean it is true. Our insatisfaction, our insecurity, our fears, our perception of reality makes us react with a particular behavior. We don’t even acknowledge the manipulation as we consider this “bubble” of make belief as real.

Another way of looking at reality is with determination, trust, belief in ourselves, engagement, curiousity, compassion, empathy, support, admiration, joy, understanding and more expressions of a positive attitude to oneself and others. No judgements, no unreal expectations, just love, care for and with eachother, addressing and sharing our core values and basic needs, open dialogue and purpose driven listening.

That is why we applaud creativity, positive expressions through art, entrepreneurship, care and joy. Please keep sending us your positiveness, the ones you develop yourself, in schools, on the streets, in business, city designs, etc. We love to share it with the world. Let positiveness conquer our souls and our relationships. That is the World Happiness Bird!

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