Positiveness in corona times

99% of the time we are healthy and feed our health with happiness through social encounters, family life and friendships. Only 1% of the time we get physically ill and heal our system through social distancing, receiving loving care from our dear ones and self care through rest and isolation. In some cases we need the help of specialised healthcare people. In corona times we realized that the 99% also depends on how we deal with the 1%. Hygien, a healthy lifestyle, paying attention to food, breathing, drinking water and our social environment, helps us prevent sickness through resilience. It all boils down to our sense of responsibility for our own health and that of our surroundings.

Our partner Lieve Willems from Belgium tried to visualize this through the creation and wearing of little colourful smileys. They represent her direct network that she carries with here all the time. Not just in memory but also through the remains of the environment shared and exchanged through hugs, togetherness and living life in general. The colourful puppets are a mindful reminder to us of the invisble world that surrounds us. Social distancing is a norm unless we decide to break it out of a strong sense of connectiveness. We generally apply standard norms of hygien but this does not prevent us from carrying lifeforms that can be infectuous in a positive or sometimes an illmaking way.

We do remind ourselves that our engagement with other people contains a minor risk that needs to be attended (the 1%) but the infection rate should be primarily measured through positiveness, happiness, love, joy, care and sharing (the 99%) which helps us remain resilient, healthy and strong.

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