The new age interpretation of a line

Last night I had a dream. Lately I dream about mindblowing explanations I do to myself in those dreams. Really nice wake ups follow with interesting revelations to recall. In this particular dream I explained to myself the two interpretations of a line, as a separation or a connection.

The line as a separation

Or diverging spaces. Think of two cultures or countries that border with each other. The border can be seen as a seperation between the two. The relationship can be hostile, separatist, focused on differences. There may be diplomatic relationships but both are self centered and self protective. Cross border trade may develop among the regions even though both maintain a competitive attitude towards each other.

Diverging spaces

In a financially based ecosystem such as our world economy and goverance, the entire institutionalized world consists of such diverging lines. The divergence gets more and more aggressive when self interests are in jeopardy, for instance due to lack of resources. Humankind has developed a divergent attitude over its existence in an attemped to control territories, interests and growing needs or desires such as power. The divergence is also engrained in our current individualistic mentality. This is an attitude that serves best the political and financial hegemony. Individuals develop individual needs (consumption) and a competitive attitude (differences) requiring moderation by and external authority. This developed throughout the world with institions like the WHO and VN to mediate while being financed by those who contribute to the problems. It is a reality based on the duality of abuse and dealing with the consequences of this abuse out of self centered interests. It is a global snail that is biting its own tail more and more.

The line as a connection

Another global mentality is on the rise. It is a new energetic resonance based on convergence, not divergence. Humankind is growing up. We are recognizing our problems caused by the divergence and all the related interrelational problems within our species and our natural environment. We have become aware that we have to overcome our differences, our self centeredness and competiveness if we want to survive ourselves. The only way to deal with lines is to not see them as separation based on differences yet as connection based on a common purpose and shared responsibilities.

Converging spaces

The relationship is based on shared values, mutual empathy, cooperation and even co-creation. We see our merging cultures through migration, our common concerns around pollution, climate and the old abusive practices. We redefine our world leadership based on convergence, unifying our common actions and core values. This has been happening already for some time. Diplomatic efforts, common agreements of human rights, the sustainable development goals, etc are signs of progress despite our difficulties to let go of the divergence. Many old school institutions, political structures and enterprises need to transform or be abolished. The unification has many layers, known as local for local for global.

In the meantime many people, structures and activities are confused. Some specialized structures based on divergence of people do their best to spread fear and dependence in order to maintain their hegemony. Meanwhile the convergence accelerates and makes their battle a lost one in view of natural human evolution. All they cause is unnecessary suffering through wars, lobbies and crimes. The more this happens the stronger the convergence develops and eventually breaks through as mainstream newage mentality.

It’s happening…

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