Cheryl Melody Baskin shares a centuries old peace meditation with us

In our discussion about world Peace Cheryl Melody Baskin shares her sunday message about inner peace and connection among each other all over the world. Her message refers to an energetic resonance for peace and wellness that was introduced a few thousand years ago by Buddha himself. Buddha travelled literaly through his personal transformation from material richness to the wealth of eternal spiritual and emotional wellness. We can let go of all the worries and negative energy of a life based on materialism. Instead we can develop ourselves in shared abundance, trust and care-full wellbeing. When we then close our eyes, go deep inside, we find peace in ourselves and can share, even connect, with peace around us. Enjoy!

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  1. John-Paul, Thank you for spreading the word about this profound group of words in the form of a prayer that can help shift our hearts and transform the world.


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