What is Peace?

Motivated by the forthcoming online global Peace Concert of Ukepme Okon and Rick Della Ratta we start the dialogue about what Peace really is.

Is it the absence of war? Or is a state of inner rest? According to Wikipedia or the Merriam Webster Dictionary the word Peace can have a number of meanings, all relatively passive, referring to a “state of tranquility”. This can be at personal level (Peace of Mind), between people, entities or geographically (no war or irregularities).

A more active definition of Peace is:

Peace is when people and institutions are able to resolve their differences or conflicts without violence and can work together in cooperative co-creation (also with nature) to improve the quality of the lives of all“.

This definition is very much lined up with the society model of Sustainocracy. We don’t see Peace as a status quo but as a continuous, harmonizing commitment via a values driven dialogue with the co-creation and sharing of our wellness together.

In our current political financial world, in the world of “having”, “hierarchies” and “controls”, such Peace is difficult if not impossible to achieve. The competition for resources, the defence of interests, the social inequality due to ownerships versus non ownership claims, etc causes multiple layers of interests that are volatile and explosive.

To achieve Peace we need to abandon this reality and develop the other. This is already happening if we look at the huge amount of people that have become values driven 4 x Win entrepreneurs. Also the co-creation part is achieved already in certain parts of the world where multidisciplinary alliances with citizens and institutions deal already with local priorities.

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