Oops is not a climate option

World politics needs drama and opportunity to act, not awareness. Climate is such issue that produces drama but no opportunity for politics until it is too late. This is because politics lacks the instruments for proactive or even preventive leadership. Politics plays the options of neglect, fear and remedial powerplay. It is a world full of contradiction between responsabilities and financial dependence. The political tendency is to play the “oops” option because any issue only then received sufficient democratic public leverage. This we have seen in any crisis situation. Only AFTER the crisis prolitics has all the answers, never BEFORE.

In our current fragmented societal reality, any proactive climate related actions would be impopular, financially destructive for various important lobby sectors and hence destructive for the way current governance is structured, managed and financed.

But “oops” in this era of climate issues is the prelude to “end of game” for humankind and a lot of other life on Earth. Most people start recognizing that politics only works in a world without crises. But when it becomes serious politics should step out of the way to provide space to the values driven pioniers that manifest themselves and grow. Politics would be praised for such action. Government would not let go 100% but joins the table as facilitating partner in a complex process. Humankind itself takes over its responsibility for its own sustainable progress and the necessary adjustments of its historical mistakes.

Climate is reflected in our health and safety

Within the Sustainocratic mindset the human being is a biological living entity that relates entirely to its natural living environment. When we destroy or polute this environment we polute and destroy ourselves. The effects are visible in our demand for health care, the amount of diseases and disorders that affect our species and the general and growing instability that we suffer worldwide. Our core values are Health and Safety. If we attend those core values personally and collectively we tend to address also our climate responsibilities. Instruments like Positive Health and cooperative sustainocratic structures such as AiREAS (regional air quality and health) help us forward.

Positive health and Wellness is not a status quo. It is a continuous process of adjustment and adaptation to changing circumstances. The only way to address this effectively is in multidisciplinary core values driven cocreation.

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