Positive Health, Sustainocracy and Happiness

The Positive Health methods of Machteld Huber and the IPH research institute form a practical tool for awareness development and engagement with integral health for people and communities. Within our Sustainocratic communities we have been using the tool and insights already for several years. Yesterday we completed the synergie by meeting personally with Machteld and her team in a Flemish setting of general health practicioners.

Sustainocracy provides the broad evolutionary societal context and understanding in which Positive Health finds a fertile breading ground.

Positive Health is a harmonizing tool for body, mind and spirit that helps people to settle with trust and understanding in the demanding field of personal sustainable wellness. It also helps to develop their symbiotic interaction with our ever changing environment. Health and wellness are never a status quo. They are a permanent process of self aware adaptation. Such yin-yang interaction of balanced inside with balanced outside produces purpose, inner and outer peace, belonging, togetherness, love, care and a sense of happiness.

Communities based on natural human values are developing everywhere, with our without our help. We are also interconnecting them as a new human ecosystem based on core human values and co-creation of our shared abundance.

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