Witfull ballad challenge for our live radio

This is fun! Be an activist through creativity, wit, humor and positive communication. Write a ballad on the lyrics or music of a common song and share it with us. We would appreciate your poetry to engage with our sustainocratic core values, the positiveness and cocreation even if you use humor and criticism as vehicle.

Give it a try and make people feel happy and confident again

One of our partners, Barry Kort, produced already many and shared a few examples to tease us:

Flow, flow, flow your code
Gently down the bitstream
Verily, verily, verily, verily
Your Life Is On the Screen

This is an easy one, no matter how genius the transformed lyrics. A more complicated one (switch on the song of Simon and Gartfunkel beneath the lyrics, while reading the transformed lyrics of Moulton Lava) is this one, equally genius.

Now, with these creative examples, we challenge you to create your own. We are preparing the launch of our World Happiness Bird live radio where we will try to make the ballad challenge into a returning block in the programme. Inspire the world with your words….

2 replies

  1. Here is a song parody from 5 years ago that can readily be edited to become the theme song and lead-in for the hosts of World Happiness Radio.

    For example, this is how I would revise the first verse …

    When you’re confused and troubled
    and you need someone who’ll care,
    and no one, no one seems to be right,
    just tune in here and call for cheer,
    and soon we’ll be on the air
    to let you smile even in darkest night.

    Title: “You’ve Got a Friend”
    Artists: The Singing Grandmothers
    Composer: Carole King and Amis Créatifs
    Based On: “You’ve Got A Friend” ~ Carole King



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