Theme of the month May: Media

During our weekly zoom session we discussed the “theme of the month” for May 2021. The theme represents our mission to extend the new narrative of cocreation, abundance and values driven engagement. The suggestion was made to make “media” our theme. It shows our concern on how to reach out with our positive invitation?

Media represents varios layers of communication:

  • Communication choice: internet, paper, radio, TV, etc
  • Communication means: audio, video, 2D, 3D, etc
  • Communication environment: website, facebook, instagram, TikTok, radio, YouTube, Vimeo
  • Method: recorded, live, displayed, written
  • Language: no language (eg. drawings, cartoons), spanish, english, multilingual (eg. Google Translate) etc
  • Content: music, art, speech, dialogue, poetry, theater
  • Message: best practice, explanation, lecture

There is a lot we can creatively use and experiment with. And evaluate the effects on our surroundings and even worldwide through our network.

So the challenge of the month is to do something with both the theme (media) and the new narrative that we represent, invite to and feed with our example and actions.

We have our website, our zoomsessions, our radio channel, our YouTube facilities, facebook pages, etc. to also share our creativity. We have our networks to gather feedback, learn best practice, measure our progress and impact, etc. Together we evaluate, learn, discuss, improve, share, inspire and trigger for more.

Categories: Cocreation, learning

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