Co-creation methodes of happiness on March 20th

Happiness ingredients that have been offered during our co-creation session and can be applied worldwide. We will have a look briefly at each of these ingredients during March 20th and in particular between 11 am and 12 am CET, and between 17:00 and 18:00 CET:

  • Divine comedy – the human act of happiness – Barry …….the art of playfulness
  • Sustainocracy – taking responsibility together – JP ……the art of sustainable society
  • Avatar – connection head and heart – Marion ……the art of designing your life 
  • Wowology – Kim Veltman heritage – Heiner…..the art of city design
  • Wow – wellness based lifeforms – Alexandra …..the art of living
  • Happiness – Jacqueline Pirtle – happiness wisdom …. the art of being happy – personal message
  • Turkey – The boy who wants to be a pilot ……the art of satisfaction
  • Greece, Mexico, Spain – Paintings, drawings, photos …..the art of expression and learning

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