Story telling to give significance to a performance from Turkey

The school students and teachers from Izmir decided to commemorate a person who did good in the 19th century. An anonymus song with dedicated to him. This what the Turkuish teacher herself wrote on sharing the video with us.

“Here is the story of our song İzmir’in Kavakları (Çakıcı Mehmet Efe Song). The song is anonym. ln the Aegean Region,”efe” means a strong, brave and reliable man. Çakıcı Efe lived between the years 1872-1911.He was like Robin Hood. He took from the rich and gave the poor. He helped everybody in need so he became a legendary hero for the public. After his death, these lyrics  and music came out as everybody was very sad. The founder of the Turkish Republic, our leader Atatürk loved this song very much. That’s why our teachers and students sang it for his commemoration.”

This makes many Turkish people very happy. The culture herritage of “the good” is engrained into the art of singing for generations to be inspired.

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