Happiness and the SDGs

Happiness and Sustainable development are closely related. Happiness is reached when people can stop worrying. When they can participate directly in (cor)creating their own wellness and share. When they feel purpose, develop awareness and feel openess and freedom to act positively and result driven. The issues raised in the SDG have been causing worries, fears, segregation, etc. Everything BUT happiness. We can address the SDG’s and hopefully develop happiness as a consequence. However, when we turns things around and address global happiness we are more likely to resolve the SDGś together and fast.

The Sustainable Development Goals have been defined by the United Nations. We at Sustainocracy see these 17 SDGś as valuable challenges for the world. They however demand a new mindset then the one that causes them. This is what we developed as Sustainocracy in which we replace the hierarchy of money driven and dependent power silos with core natural human values driven cocreation practices. Using the 5 core human values described in Sustainocracy, together with the cocreation effort of people and institutions together, will resolve the SDG’s very fast. This change of mindset is explained by Jean-Paul Close in this short Braincandy video:

The SDGs
The SDGś and the Core Values

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