Join the creation of an online program for March 20th, Happiness Day

We are facing multiple challenges as a co-creation team to use art and happiness to combat fear and anger, replacing them with trust, care and positive action. We have people from about 15 countries involved, and even more cities. You do not only represent different cultures and languages. We also have to take the timezones into account. We coordinate from the Netherlands which is in the CET (Central European Time) zone. March 20th is a saturday.

We have three issues to think about:

  • What do we do ourselves, locally? We need to engage local people. We have the Covid19 lockdown issues and limitations. Indoor activities are possible yet only in a very limited way. We could plan things ourdoor. We have the Dutch weather that can be still unpredictable. It would be nice to do offline, outdoor activities, but these need coordination, people taking responsibility, communication and measures to remain within the corona regulations.
  • How do we help others with their local initiatives? We collect all the creativity from the participating people and institutions and share it as puzzle pieces with every coordinating one in the countries. Each can then do something with it towards the local community. What? That is up to the local partner to decide. We would of course like to be informed (program) and maybe even receive a (video or photo) visualization of what happened. Maybe we need to offer some help or participate as speakers or artists? All this needs to be organized.
  • What can we do globally together online?

For the latter, the online event, we think (not determined yet) of three blocks of interaction.

10:00 – 12:00 CET – Europe, Far East, Middle East and Africa

13:00 – 15:00 CET – Europe, Middle East and Africa (maybe still some form Far East)

16:00 – 18:00 CET – USA, Mexico, Canada, South America, Europe and Africa

Then we need to consider how to organize the blocks: Live performances? Talkshows? Workshops? Or do we show prerecorded messages, video works? Or a combination? What language? English? The prerecordings are good to be able to participate also in sections where timezones are not favorable for participation. How do we structure the interaction? The techniques? The identity of the hours? The engagement with audience and partners? Do we create parallel sessions? For instance: local outdoor, local online, global online entertainment, global online workshops and talks?

Feel free to engage in the co-creation also of the programs. The sky is the limit, we just need to take charge of our part, whatever that may be. Let us define that through the open dialogue.

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