Three themes for Happiness Day on March 20th

March 20th, 2021, World Happiness Day, is the beginning of springtime, the start of a new cycle of life after the harshness of wintertime. It is also the equinox, the moment that day and night have equal durantion. After the 20th the daytime will be longer than the nighttime. It is also the day for togetherness, brother and sisterhood, equality, engagement, family, friendship, etc.

All this together symbolizes peace, harmony and balance, the essence represented by the way Sustainocracy positions itself in the cyclical human complexity. This is moreover a good reason to address these topics and experience them with happiness and co-creativity.

Harmony is never a status quo. It includes growth, chaos and change in a permanent state of interaction
Balance ———-Foto door Artem Beliaikin op

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