Three open spaces to interact

The world of co-creation is unqiue. The emerging creativity is unpredictable, unprecedented and authentic. It emerges within the open space of freedom, within the context of a purpose. With a dot on the horizon, such as the World Happiness Day on March 20th, 2021, it is impossible to create a program with names and descriptions of the contributors. The only thing we can do is create focus areas within the open space, as they emerge in the process. Clustering we call this, dynamic clustering.

In this process we see three areas of impact emerge:

  • Art expressions and contributions: in music, poetry, story telling, theater, videos, photography, paintings, child drawings, etc.
  • Participation through workshops, experiences, roleplays….
  • Intellectual sharing: books, articles, eduactional material, research papers, etc

Each get their space in the program that fills itself gradually with the contributions. There is always an element of surprise, a WOW factor, the unpredictable, the inspiring….

So far we have received contributions within each of these spaces. It is up to our local partners to do something with them. And us, to create a worldwide venture with it too. Many contributions will not just be for the 20th of March. They present a significant continuity, with a starting point on the 20th of March. This date is there for a dot on the horizon that links the past, present and future.

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