Local coördinator

You have engaged with the challenge as our local coördinator, our linking pin with your community and the rest of the world. It is fun of course to do this voluntarily like many but some entrepreneurial spirit may come in handy when you wish to organize events locally with all the stuff that is created and shared. Then you get in touch with organizations that demand money. When all this is getting towards an engagement that is costing more time than you had foreseen, then you get less complaints from your surroundings when you can cover some expenses. Here you find some options….

New economy 

Sometimes we receive the question: “do I get paid?”. The answer is to look at co-creation from a higher perspective. Money is just a means, not a goal. If you participate you don’t do it for me, STIR or anyone else but yourself. The reward is huge, much more than what you can buy with money. Yet there is a way to connect the project to the economic way if you are a little entrepreneurial. And maybe you need to do so if you have to cover certain costs in the process once you get going. You can also connect people who take benefit but don’t contribute in the co-creation effort. These can support the process with some money. 

Co-creation and entrepreneurship

Co-creation is a way to achieve complex things that otherwise would be impossible to achieve. What we co-create can not be bought, else we would have done that. It needs to be created, especially when we refer to our core natural and human values. However, when elements are created that help this mission then these elements can become products in the hands of entrepreneurs. Expanding those products, preferably within the same Sustainocratic context helps grow the stability and values in the world. 

This can be seen as a new economy using the following guidelines:

  • 10% for you
  • 10% for STIR
  • 80% operational 

This is the way we develop other level 4 regional projects such as Air quality, Food resilience, etc. The entire network is built on trust, transparency and sharing.

The new circular economy based on responsibility and co-creation is reflected in this drawing. If executed well it produces a progress spiral of sustainable wellness worldwide. To get a feeling of this we start with the co-creation and sharing of happiness.

Covid and beyond

The Covid pandemia is one of the factors that produces fear and anger. It also put big limitations on the functioning of society. But also new boosts of awareness and opportunities. Our exhibitions and performances will therefore be organized according to the local rules of the moment. This can be strict online, a combination of online and offline or through the traditional offline encounters. Together we hope to create a situation of social resilience that will put pandemia behind us for ever.

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