Global Happiness & Art Challenge

Art is the only human condition that is totally free to express itself. It can be used to leverage the human spirit to unprecedented levels. We challenge ourselves to anwer the following question positively and in a measurable way.

“Can art take away fear and anger out of the world? And bring us our happiness and co-creation?” 

The zoom team

What is co-creation?

The idea behind co-creation is that “if we all put a little of our own energy and talent into a common objective we can easily realize it and share the results in abundance among each other”. With the theme of “happiness” we intend to do just this and show the power of creative togetherness to the world.

STIR – City of Tomorrow – Sustainocracy

We at STIR’s City of Tomorrow created a society centered around five core natural human values (health, safety, awareness, co-creation and our four basic biological needs, food, water, energy and air) referred to as a Sustainocracy. We invite everyone to join, people and institutions. Together with the local government, entrepreneurs, citizens, science, schools and other institutions we co-create our Sustainocracy in a self-aware and innovative way by choosing our priorities together. It produces meaningfulness, abundance, trust in the future, happiness and a sense of shared togetherness: All-One.


Art is the only human aspect that has always been absolutely free, without boundaries or limitations to express itself. Through music, painting, theater, songs, poetry, books, etc the most complex issues have been addressed and influenced the world. This time we ask the artist in us all to bring us again happiness by helping take away the fear and anger that has captured the human world.


We imagine that in every corner of the world we find someone willing to coordinate this locally and become our “hub”. We call this person “you”. You try to make local people, young and old, discover the child inside him or herself that expresses happiness, love, care, trust through co-creation in any kind of art form. You collect these expressions:

  1. for local exhibiting and performance to your neighbors, inviting also others to share their fearless freedom and creativity. You seek local partners for the creation and exhibition or do it yourself in a place where you have access.
  2. share your art collection with the world through the STIR “global happiness bird” platform. 

Like this we contribute to the online creation of the world’s bird of freedom and peace that flies across the world and spreads happiness to all. You receive in return also all the happiness expressions of the participating communities elsewhere in the world. You can share this again with your own people.

The beautiful cultural diversity emerges in this collection that unites us all through our core human values. 


Just let us know that you are in as local coordinator by dropping us an email with your name, motivation and the region you represent. You will be our STIR contact person and local coordinator. Our email:

  • You organize your own local engagement to the challenge 
  • You collect the artwork locally and maybe arrange exhibitions or shows about it with your local partners that have facilities.
  • Through platforms like “we-transfer” you share with us and we share with you
  • You organize local events. With this abundance you can develop workshops, shows, or even leverage locally to more complex co-creation initiatives.

For the entrepreneurial context please click here

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