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Two small acts of support worth our attention

Originally posted on Sustainocracy, the new democracy:
STIR has done a relatively modest donation to these two small cries for help. Maybe you like to support too? Just read their stories. STIR prefers to develop local communities around developing Sustainocratic values. We tend to help with shared knowledge, inspiration, methodology, etc. Sometime we define projects…

The natural wisdom of indigenous leaders

When I refer to Sustainocracy, I refer to the oldest wisdom on Earth, the wisdom of living nature of which we as human beings are a member. We have the capacity of sharing abundance and sustainable progress among all yet behave as selfish parasites. We can change that. We need to change that if we […]

Developing our global for local PEACE community

PEACE is a prime condition for sustainable wellness and social cohesion. That is why we find it important to invite people, business and government institutions to our PEACE driven processes. The coming months we will be organizing online PEACE gatherings with the following intentions: to make people aware of Sustainocracy as a PEACE enabling societal approach  invite […]

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